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MINAX® von Geobrugg AG

Produkt / Dienstleistung für die Kategorie

For general large-surface ground support, MINAX® replaces welded mesh sheets or heavy mild steel chain-link mesh as a light-weight solution. It offers superior strength with significantly less overlap loss and allows significantly shorter installation times. Designed specifically for the underground mining industry, MINAX® 80/3 provides unparalleled quality through performance, durability and reliability - combined with maximum efficiency.

 MINAX® 80/4 MINAX® 80/4 MINAX® von Geobrugg AG | Produktvorstellung für die Kategorie  - Cleanerportal.DE  

MINAX® 80/4 

Download: Broschüre MINAX 80/3 Datei-Format:
Broschüre MINAX 80/3
Download: Broschüre MINAX 80/4 Datei-Format:
Broschüre MINAX 80/4


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